After a weekend of intense work -- the kind of work where you learn a lot about your craft, self and spouse... and manage to fall in love again with your talented, clever and patient husband . . . where the sighs are heavy, long and in abundance.  The back is aching, but lightness is just round the corner . . . I'm picturing myself doing the backstroke in this gorgeous, juicy pool.  The sun is blistering hot and I must sport giant sunnies as I leisurely make my way back and forth, thinking of nothing but the way the cooling, slight breeze, intermixed with golden sunlight, is the world's most glorious combination.  And that bathing suits with flirty skirts attached are fantastic. And about a tall glass of strawberry lemonade.

Where would you float to on this Monday morning?


  1. What a wonderful way to start a Monday give me hope that something magical might happen after all...well, there was that wonderful sunrise when I went to get the paper. And now.....what?! CR

  2. Thank you for the little fantasy. I needed that today. Let's pretend that pool is the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow of hard work and perseverance! xo