This past Sunday my friend and I huddled about in the front row (score!) to one of Portland's most fabulous events, A Novel Romance -- a fashion show put on by the ladies of the English Dept.  The show featured one of a kind, sumptuous gowns designed by Elizabeth, the owner of the shop, as well as beautiful dresses from other designers.  All of the models were styled with neon pops of color -- in their hair, on their faces and on their sassy gams (each of them wore a different pair of electric-hued tights).  It was an inspiring event, one that I'm grateful to have gotten off my leisurely Sunday morning butt and gone too.

It was a reminder of Springtime frocks, creative fashion, fantasy, whimsy and fun.  So good to get out and be reminded that there are unique and inspiring events going on all around us, we just must carve out the time, effort and dough to go.  I loved the show and am now wishing I had the gaul to wear hot pink tights and neon pop eyeshadow on my wedding day.  

I photographed a bunch of the models with my Diana mini, just for fun.  Click on the photo to see more, via Elizabeth's blog

Cheers to bridal bridesy bridalicious bodacious bridelville!

I love wedding stuff. 

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