Over this past weekend, I flew south to cook up a crazy dinner party and relax at my parents house.  It was so sunny and beautiful, it's hard to believe weather like that and the gray days of Portland exist simultaneously.  We walked the dog on the beach, smelled the freesia blooming in the backyard, sipped coffees from the fancy machine and had big talks.  

It was so fabulous.  And so necessary.

I hadn't realized quite how busy I've been the past month until my equilibrium paused for a moment while spending time with my folks and cuddling up to the dog on the sofa.  The out-pouring of love was just what I needed.

Lots of big news aswirl in my mind, as the dust settles, I'll share it with you, my friends.  All good things!  For now, I leave you with a photo of the dog in his happy place and an image of the individual blood orange tartelettes we served at dinner.

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  1. Heard through the grapevine that those tartelettes were absolutely swoon worthy, as is your whole blog!!!