I was so rip-roaringly excited to visit one of my favorite food trucks this past weekend. Only to find that something was definitely amiss. What's a girl to do?

I consider food carts a gateway into interesting, innovative, risky cuisine. With many creative chefs at the helm, you can often try a dish that will really blow your mind for about $5, instead of the upwards of $20 you'd be charged for the same thing in a nice restaurant. So when my favorite cart doled out glorified slop, lacking flavor, overly fatty, not even worth eating, I was pretty darn bummed. A wasted dollar and wasted meal!

Such a bummer.

This personal tragedy did give me the kick in the pants to make a visit to my local Asian market, grab all the curry leaves, ginger and garlic I would need and cook up a big batch of dal for myself, at home! Probably what I should have been doing all along. Never the less, I was saddened to scratch one of my dearest haunts off my list. It was that yucky.

Have you encountered such an event? How'd you get over it? Let's share in the sadness.

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