Have you ever tasted a wild ramp?  They are deliciously plump, earthy, skinny little things -- sometimes called "wild leeks," they are the new key to my vegetarian heart.  They plump up with flavor when sauteed and merry well with white wine, butter and olive oil (what doesn't go well with those three things, really?).

I was lucky enough to do a shoot with Timothy this past weekend, the Chef at the coziest, dreamiest little restaurant in Portland, DOC.  It was a great reminder of the beauty of Spring and that people cooking in Portland still get so jazzed about the heartbreaking produce that comes from our local soil.  Timothy artfully composed one of the freshest tasting risottos I've had in many moons, more to come on that over on The Kitchn.

For now, just get yourself a bunch of ramps, dice them fine and sprinkle them all over everything -- you'll be glad you did!

Oh, and don't fret, D is back and so are my vegetable-loving ways.  A girl can only survive so long on chocolate bars, strawberries, peanut butter toast and fancy tea -- although I did enjoy testing the waters of this diet.


  1. i got some of these in my farm share and i had no idea what they were. the sneaky, little wild ramps! now i can eat them and love them.

  2. Yummers! Can't wait for this recipe. I am going crazy over spring produce!