I had another glorious week over on The Kitchn and Re-Nest.  In fact, I had the great pleasure to feature my parents' loca house on a green tour, complete with images of the dog maxin out in the sunshine.  It is occasions like these, and opportunities to test recipes for delish morsels that make this work so rewarding, and so much fun.  I'm reminded to stop and enjoy the creativity and stories I get to share with a greater audience -- instead of searching for the next thing!  Relax.  I recommend it.

On The Kitchn, I'm talking about:

Eggs in a Basket from Joy of Oh Joy - we all know how many names this adorable breakfast has, anything you call it, it's freakin delicious.

Recipe: Shirred Eggs with Soldier Toasts - pictured above - you'll never fry an egg again.

Craving Summer Recipe: Gluten-Free Peach Crisps - This is why God invented the freezer section, as my friend Emma said.

Weekend Snack: Radish Toasts - This is a first for me, I did a water color illustration to describe this simple recipe.  The painting portion of my brain wanted to come out and play!

And for Re-Nest:

Beret, Program Director at the Master Gardening Program here in Portland for my Creative People, Living Green column.  She's an amazing person with an incredible knack for ecological education.  

Last, but certainly most wonderful, a green tour of Richard and Cissy's Daring House by the Sea -- the home I'm lucky enough to return to every couple of months, and bask in all that is love and art and good food and great dinner conversation. 


Any weekend plans for y'all?

We are playing Smash Putt, a performance art piece meets mini golf for N's bday, and I'm planning on making a strawberry icebox cake...

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