I had two fabulous recipes up on The Kitchn this week.  Both cakes.  Both sumptuous.  I have a serious weakness for cake, chocolate being my favorite, but my passion for all other flavors, a close second.  

In my Breakfast with a Blogger Column, I had the pleasure of sharing a stellar breakfast cake, from Big Girls Small Kitchen, infused with layers of marmalade, cardamom and pistachios -- it's equally nice for afternoon tea -- actually, it's perfect any time of the day (it's pictured above).  Phoebe and Cara pen a sweet and sassy cooking blog and have their first cookbook coming out in only two weeks.  These girls are my NYC friends to-be, I can feel it.  I hardly know them, but adore their work and vibe all the same. 

My other culinary endeavor yielded a strange and delicious dessert -- Chocolate Chip Cookie-Stuffed Yellow Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing.  I clearly have issues.  Read all about this cakeball/cookie/cupcake progeny over on the post.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. It's been a Leela-inspired week for me: I've made good on mangoes - not only did I eat 4 last week, I also had an amazingly good mango lassi with cumin in it! Also, I painted my fingernails with gold sparkles.

    And that first cake, oh! Marmalade, cardamom and pistachio together sounds almost too good to be true.