My darling fashion file of a friend, Rebecca, and I saw just saw this wonderful movie, L'Amour Fou (which translates to "crazy love") about the life and relationship between fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Berge.  After 50 years of being together, Laurent has recently passed away and Berge auctions off their art collection, full of Picassos, Rembrandt, Warhols, African art, etc..  It is sad, honest and full of the love they shared for each other. 

During their years together, they outfitted homes in Paris, Normandy and Marrakesh - and these interiors were some of the most vivid, luxurious spaces I've ever laid eyes on.  They rival the clothes in scope, vision, creativity and absolute, over-the-top AWESOME.  These two certainly shared ups and downs, but man, what a life.  Highly recommend transporting yourself via this emotional (think tortured, artist genius), visual, fashiony love fest.  Nothing like a great French film, eh?

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