Parvaneh took this beautiful photo and added the cute title!

We talked about a mix of textures when styling and adding a live human for great food photos

We talked about how to photograph a thing consistently, such as a pair of earrings.  Alissa, a participant made these herself! She's an amazing glass artist.

Is this not a renaissance painterly image or what?  Great job Parvaneh!

We added background sweeps and took them away.

Alissa, the glass artist, kindly modeled for a little while.

I stepped in as model so the gals could snap away.

Love the ladies getting in there!  I'm so proud!

mmm... lunch!

When life hands you lemons, take pictures of them!

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of leading a photography class full of very talented ladies.  We adjusted settings, learned our way around our cameras, talked about composition and framing (keepin things out of the center, mm hm!), the wilds of the Oregon weather patterns and its effects on photos and how to change up on the fly, lighting techniques, prop ideas and post production using photoshop . . . . Then, we feasted and made merry with a delightful picnic in the backyard.

Kirsten, my darling pal with the most gorgeous home (she and her husband renovated themselves!), generously allowed me to host the course in said fabulous abode.  It was a great location, as every where we turned to photograph, there was something of beauty and the light just poured in throughout all the windows.  Kirsten was also the one to suggest I teach the class in the first place, so I want to give a big thanks to her - go hop on her blog, it's so much fun over there!

For me, this opportunity was extra special and wonderful because I felt like I was able to encourage, teach and empower a handful of exceptional students to go out there and create.  I love gathering together to all photograph similar things/locations, because we all have such a unique way of seeing the world.  I was inspired and delighted with the results of class, because honestly, the photos were just lovely.  Magazine cover worthy!  And so different than how I might approach the subject.  I love that.

This is a huge post but I wanted to share some images of the ladies in action as well as a couple of the finished photos.  I'm currently pondering the next class!  Let me know if you'd like to take a Basics Course or for the ladies who attended Sunday, if you'd like a more Photoshop-specific part 2 Course where we dive into editing even more as well as collage-making and retouching our lovely mugs!

Note: One of the students, Parvaneh, kindly shared her images from the course with me - her's are mixed into this post with a few of mine to round it out.  I haven't received images from the other gals yet, but will keep you posted!


  1. Such a lovely morning! Thank you, teacher Leela. It was everything I had hoped for and more!

  2. kir, you were a star student! i love seeing your photos on your blog - such a good job. and THANK YOU for such a lovely setting.

    high 5!


  3. So fun!

    Thanks for the class AND the inspiration. Now off to download photoshop and get to work so I can share my progress.


  4. So excited that I discovered your amazing photography today! Very vibrant and inspirational. Keep us posted on future classes!

  5. will you do one in SB...pretty please