Hi Blog,

Remember me?  I used to write here and post recipes and spend all kinds of time with you . . .  Now some things have happened to put distance between you and me, buddy. 

I started to blog, teach and photograph for a living.

Something I dabbled in for fun while I went to school to find my 'real job' of being an art or special ed teacher became my career -- so this little buddy of a blog, I'm going to use to update you my darling family and few friends as a source to point out all the work I'm doing, going up on a range of web/print outlets.

Sound good?

Let's start today with Vegetarian Lasagna on The Kitchn.  Get some of that while it's hot!

mmmm... Lasagna, it's my passion!

xo Lee

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  1. Glad you're back! I'm definitely going to try this recipe!