In between a kiddo-themed lifestyle shoot my friend and fellow photo conspirator, Shelby, and I were conducting this morning, she jumped into the frame and things just got weird!

What an amazing shoot (I cannot wait to share the kids partying in grand style) and fun way to spend a Sunday. In between Hostess donut glam shots, dancing to the top 40 hits, tiara making and outfit changes with 4 kids 9 years-old and under (all sassy to the max), Shelby and I giggled like school girls. THIS is the stuff we love. Dancing, dressing up and making a whimsical world to play in. I'm stoked to have a partner in crime. So what if her dolly lost her head and she got tired after head banging and decided to nap on the floor? I don't blame you Sugar, it's nice and cool on the ground.


  1. Love it. I want to be at the dance party!!!!

  2. hostess cupcakes+rabbit masks+rhianna+camera+animal cookies+you=perfect day