On a very very cold day in December I was invited by a new online travel magazine to photograph a truffle hunt in Newberg, Oregon. There was a family of totally obsessed mushroom people who took my editor, her sister and myself on a journey into a damp, cool and absolutely charmed Douglas Fir forest (on private property no less!) in search of the white and black variety. We found truffles by the fistful! It was truffle heaven.

See the photos and read the story at WAYFARE, and click "Launch Wayfare" at top right-hand corner of page for optimum, full page viewing experience. My photos and the article begin on page 46. The whole magazine is fantastic, beautifully designed, tells authentic stories and has an accessibility no other travel magazines capture. I'm honored to have been apart of their pilot issue and am leaving tomorrow for San Francisco to shoot a story for their next one!

A note on the design of Wayfare, my great internet correspondence and fellow freelancer, Anne of Pret-a-Voyager, (we met once for tea in Paris where she's based!) art directed the whole shebang and put so much of her heart and style into this publication. She's very good at what she does.


  1. Leela, it makes me SOOOO happy to think how far we both have come since we first had tea together in Paris. Cannot wait to see what is ahead of us still!

    And none of this beautiful design would have been possible with my equally as talented art directing partner in crime, Lauren O'Neill!

    Happy exploring!

  2. I agree, lovely article and photos! Congrats on the first edition.

    Nice to know truffles (or their fungi cousins) can be found elsewhere if you know where to look.