The wines in Chile and Argentina were excellent. Surprisingly complex, rich and heavenly, but after two lengthy tastings per day on our trip, all I wanted in the evenings was a refreshing, boozy cocktail (or two). Meet the PISCO SOUR. Have you had one?

A Pisco Sour involves Pisco--a yellowish grape brandy-- bitters, fresh lemon or lime and egg whites for froth. Man oh man this is a divine combination! In Chile I threw quite a few of these back and they always hit the spot. I'll definitely be trying my hands at the Pisco Sour come summer time.


  1. The true story of the "Pisco Sour”
    Part of the destinguished guests at the opening of the railroad to Callao Cerro de Pasco, on July 28, 1904, the day the birth of the "Pisco Sour."

    On September 28, 1905, three years of stay in the city, Victor Morris married Maria Isabel Vargas Quintanilla, daughter of the Dispatcher of the Railway Company, born in Cerro de Pasco, 17 May 1887. The wedding was an unprecedented event in the mining town. Civil marriage transformed the cerreña, Maria Vargas, a U.S. citizen. Victor and Maria Morris come to have three children: Richard, born in Cerro de Pasco, October 23, 1906, Robert, born in Callao, 29 April 1910, and Rebecca Jane, born in Cerro de Pasco on 2 February 1913. His three children are registered as U.S. citizens. Little is known about this part of the Morris cerropasqueños life, which may have involved several trips to Lima and Callao. All that is known is that Rebecca, in 1907, married in the city of Pacific Grove, California, and decided to settle in the city of Berkeley, located within walking distance of San Francisco, where he engaged in the business of property roots.

    Victor Morris, alternating their preparations sophisticated drink specials go fishing and golf. Commanded the Cerro de Pasco Railway Company, until 1915, when fused with the Cerro de Pasco Mining Company, to form the Cerro de Pasco Copper Corporation.

    Now retired, he decides to reside in the city of Lima where the way of entertainment spend their hours in the preparation of sophisticated drinks.
    Over the years, and now completely popular, become our flagship drink, echoing a private initiative, the Minister of Production, Eduardo Iriarte Jimenez, with the corresponding Ministerial Resolution, declared on 8 February of each year, "The Pisco Sour Day "nationwide.

    This resolution is intended to promote greater consumption of pisco in our country promoting the increased production and exports in the competitive international market.

    All rights reserved © Morris Family 2008

  2. Donna Morris Pisco DivaApril 16, 2012 at 1:55 PM

    PISCO is not supose to be YELLOW of any kind.... That color comes from the adding of water and also the aging in WINE BARRELS... A Tru PISCO is PURE No Barrels to discolor. that is why so bitter.