why not

make blueberry jam for tomorrow's toast -- it is so simple and yummy.  Note the blueberry jam in the wee blue cup.  That one is for a tiny piece of toast.  To make::

makes 1 jar, plus a little extra
1 bag trader joes blueberries (fresh is better, of course, but eh -- whaddya gonna do?)
1/4 cup sugar

sanitize one or two jars by boiling water and leaving them in there for 1 minute, remove with tongs and dry on a clean tea towel.

bring berries and sugar to rumbling bubbly mess on the stove for 10-11 minutes, until mixture coats the back of a spoon with a bit of sticky, thickish juice.

pour into sanitized jars (easier with a funnel if you have it) and screw lid tightly.  Immediately turn jar upside down and leave to cool on a rack.  The turning upside down helps to form a seal and ensure jam safety (no mold).  Tuck into the back of your cupboard and try to forget about the blue jewels for a couple of months -- this concoction improves with age, although is delicious right away.

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  1. That's it...I'm coming up. Looks too good. I want da jam. FATHERS DAY is coming up ya know.