I became clammy, goose-bumpy and adrenaline-pumped as I opened the little wooden doors into vast warehouse full of cooking tools for 1/3 of their usual cost. It was Rose's Equipment and Supply (www.rosesequipment.com). It was kinda like Wonka's Chocolate factory in it's overwhelming happiness. I couldn't be contained, as I gripped my cart and inspected rows of salt and pepper shakers, napkin dispensers, sifters of all sizes, muffin tins, industrial-strength food processors, neon "Open" signs, ladles, paper goods, large sinks . . . It was basically my fantasy store. I managed to come out unscathed at a mere 50.00. I got what I needed--a pizza stone, a tart pan, 9-in cake pans, a knife sharpener, as well as a few small odds and ends and stifled what I wanted--EVERYTHING!

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