Tea Party . . .

I have returned to Earth from En-gage-ed La La Puffy Cloud Land.  But am still reeling with excitement and happiness.  A high tea was definitely in order -- 
I had a glorious time with a few girlfriends from my grad program, drinking (iced) tea and eating little yummies. 

On le menu: 

shortcake with sugar crust and cherry/blackberry compote

chocolate cupcakes

cucumber sandwiches

watermelon slices

It was really wonderful to lounge and kibbitz outside of school.  And, I had dreamed up the treats while sitting at a staff meeting.  It's been awhile since I've had a gaggle of lovely ladies in my life, and I feel so renewed -- and stuffed!  I took a break from my "cutting back on sweets" idea, obviously.

Recipes to follow this weekend.

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