Married with Oon

Well folks, we've done it -- we had the day of days and celebrated our love and commitment for each other, in the company of a few close friends and dear family members. We laughed and cried. We danced. And, we dined...
It was one of the only instances where I actually lost my appetite, I was so excited to see everyone -- it was truly remarkable to share this occasion with friends from near and far... I've never experienced such an out-pouring of love and joy. Here are some photos to show the details . . .

We made our exit among rose petals and a 64 Cadillac . . . I had never been in a car so large, and let me tell you, I really feel a giant convertible is my natural habitat! It was so comfy and heavenly... Much like a boat ride, I felt we could just head out to sea after our drive home... We stopped in a parking lot to pop some bubbly and drink from red cups. The perfect, most stylish car ride I've ever taken, for sure!

Me getting dressed in Joan and Jim's lovely bathroom -- I made my hair flower and my dress was purchased at a consignment shop in Carson City, NV (D's hometown) over three years ago... I never had the opportunity to wear it until now. The flowers are a mixture of gerber daisies from the flower shop and other flowers from my parent's backyard. I made the bouquet while sipping spa water with my Mom, Dad and Auntie Rosie.

Dave and I were married by our dear friend and teacher/mentor, Tom -- he was lovely to listen to and guided us as we read our own vows and exchanged rings. I was so glad he was there with us, as I was all nerves and smiles at this point. D belted his vows loud and clear, so he set the tone and I followed. Saying our vows to each other, in front of our dearest pals, was my favorite part of the day... That and all the toasts -- It was surreal...

We danced to Sam Cooke's, Nothing Can Change my Love, one of our favorite songs to get down to. D and I aren't the best dancers ... but our Moms and Dads jumped in and danced with us, which was really fun. I couldn't stop smiling.

Dad at our house. Where we dined on bagels and fruit the next morning.

Our rings and me being as light as possible for my buff groomsy.

Me and the ladies as we were getting ready...

And, lastly our food -- it was delicious! Grilled peaches and pecan salad, tuscan bean salad, grilled vegetables and the most sublime polenta I've ever had. ... I must get the recipe for that last dish! Our cake was so rich, moist and chocolatey... And dressed in nasturshims were the perfect edible decoration. I had this idea after enjoying my Portland friend, Tricia's, birthday cake. THe cake was eaten up entirely, it was so good! One of the highlights of the fete!

All in all, it was an enchanting experience, without a hitch... I wish we could do it every weekend, it was so much fun. But the best part of all is being married -- a confirmed team -- us against the world... and our upcoming travels to look forward to... David is my technical collaborator, most discerning palate, bearer of absurd humor that make me laugh till I cannot breathe and my favorite friend. I always wanted to find a match, but he has surpassed my wildest expectations. Let the marriage begin!

*Jeff Clark did our photos (he is fantastic!)
*To see more photos and explore our wedding website, the link is here:


  1. oh oh! I am getting teary eyed just looking at your photos! How BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy for you, I am bursting at the seams :).

    lots of love to you both! t

  2. so sweet! i hope someone says nice things like that about me someday! congrats to you both ~