The Other David

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Now David, my husband David, is my muse, my friend, my most avid eater and reader . . . But there has been another David in my life as of late --
David Lebovitz and his charming book, The Sweet Life in Paris, to be exact.

This tale of living in a teeny Paris apartment, while learning to be and enjoy another culture, is so fab-u-lous! It is peppered with recipes that all look simple and tasty -- very ingredient driven and un-fussy... I guess when you are working with sublime French ingredients, they don't need much dressing up. I haven't tried a dish from the book, but plan on doing so soon....

D. Lebovitz has a wonderful candid humor and easy writing style. His take on the basics of daily living in France (i.e. clothing, lack of clothing, going grocery shopping, standing in lines, having a cleaning lady, etc) is absolutely hilarious. I love reading about other folks who go to live in a foreign land, as this is what D (magical husband) and I will be doing in a matter of weeks. All the awkward cultural differences inspire me! Sadly, I have to return my copy of The Sweet Life to the library . . . But this is definitely a book to buy for the shelf, revisit the biting wit, laugh, and prepare a few simple meals. 5 stars!

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  1. I haven't read through "The Sweet Life in Paris", but going through his book on ice cream "The perfect Scoop" has vastly improved my frozen confection repertoire.