(Broder's sweet business card and D's journal as he draws away)

I got back to Portland yesterday afternoon and am so happy to return to my city! It is a wonderful feeling to go away, to Paradise no less, and still feel so excited to come to a place that now feels more like 'home' than my old 'home.' Hmm... home is wherever you are loved and loving and cooking up a storm, in my mind.

D and I took care of business today, running errands, unpacking, project-making, laundry, etc. and decided to treat ourselves to brunch out at Broder. I was delirious with hunger, upon arriving at this adorable SE cafe and was promptly seated by a friendly waiter and strong coffee. We ordered baked eggs with walnut toast and lingonberry jam and a baked scramble with onions and mushrooms. Each meal was perfectly cooked, reasonably priced and the locale was charming.

(the lively scene to our left.)

I would definitely recommend Broder, especially during the week, when there is ample seating and no waiting. I definitely want to try the Abelskeevers (Swedish puffy pancakes) with syrup and powdered sugar next time I go.

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