Julie and Julia

My friend Tricia and I went to see Julie and Julia yesterday -- it was quite the indulgence for both of us, with all the things we are trying to get done . . . But man oh man, it was so wonderful. It left me so emotional and inspired -- to have courage, faith and loads of love, a-la Julia. The scenery in France was to-die-for and the tiny kitchen Julie has in Queens is heart-warmingly dis functional, just like mine.

It is fantastic to be reminded to follow dreams, no matter how outlandish they seem -- I loved this film!


  1. This movie made us both secretly cry on our way home...out of sheer joy! It was great and Merill Streepe was phenomenal :)

  2. and i am loving the book my life in france. as soon as dad leaves home today, i'm buying some butter! xxx mom

  3. i'm so excited to see this! i just came across these pics of julia's real home kitchen circa 1962. gigantic pegboard display for pans? check. plenty of seating for observers? check. tools displayed like a fancy craftsman's shop? check! Love. Link