Comings and Goings

(D and I spent the day at Lake Tahoe, on our way to LA ... and we fished for crawdaddies -- absolutely frightening for me, I'm scared of crustaceans and we just saw District 9 where the aliens are very prawn-like. . . ugh.. We also swam to our hearts content and explored a few coves. This lake is the clearest, most tranquil body of water I think I have ever seen.)

(the sand at Lake Tahoe is big and pebbly, it acted as an exfoliant to my wimpy pink feet.)

Well the day is finally nearing upon us -- not the day we beat Alabama (a Mississippi euphemism expressing excitement), but the day we move to Southern India for awhile....

-- the day we've anticipated for the past 3 or so years -- saved up for-- researched -- day-dreamed -- read novels -- watched films -- moved our lives, our apartment -- lost a permanent address -- had butterflies in our tummies -- exchanged big smiles and sighs -- received charming emails from locals, extending welcome arms -- wondered -- prepared and finally, got on the plane.

We've had an amazing last few weeks in Portland, Carson City and LA: full of friendship, great food and tenderness. I am sad to go but also happy to finally be starting the adventure, with my darling D at my side. Here are a few photos from our week -- next stop: Thrivananthaparum (
"Thrivananthaparum" means "abode of Lord Ananta" who was a serpent Vishnu reclined upon.)

(D and I rented a little motor boat at Lake Siskiyou, at the Northern most part of California. It was completely deserted so we had the water to ourselves -- I even learned how to drive the boat and giddy it up so fast, we were both thrilled. After a long boat ride and swim, we were so tuckered out from the moving and driving, we set up the tent and went to bed at 7:30.)

(A view of Mt. Shasta from Lake Siskiyou--It's got nothing on Mt. Hood, in Portland, but majestic none the less -- there was also this beautiful old sailboat out there with us.)

(Genevieve, D's mom, was so kind to invite me to help her make the award-winning mango tart, for a family dinner in Los Angeles. We putted about her kitchen all morning working on the tart--all the while, D taste-testing and demanding more limey-ness in the pastry cream. We all styled the tarts with lots of fruit and lime and it was great great fun. Wonderful to be with family in LA.)

(the view of our delicious LA supper with all D's aunties and cousins -- we had an amazing light pasta dish, full of tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella, a very fresh salad and the mango key-lime tart, of course! We laughed and laughed...)

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