The Mango Chutney and Padapam have Arrived

(Old map of Kerala, the state we are currently in)

D and I have finally made it here! After many hours on airplanes, crying babies, endless movies and confused bellies... We have landed and are staying in Thirvanathaparum, India. We had to battle for an air-conditioned room at 5am, after 28 hours of travel -- but it was well worth it! The view outside our room is a peaceful river, surrounded by palms and hammocks, and a stormy Arabian Sea.

We had to be punted over the river for breakfast, in a beautiful gondola-esque, dark wood boat -- then we dined on scrambled eggs (which came in teeny curds spread out all over the plate, 1/4 inch high), toast and poodi -- a very spicy garbanzo bean curry, beaming with curry leaves, heat and mustard seeds served with whole wheat fried breads. I was completely restored and D and I laughed and sighed many times before embarking on our first day, in Thirvananthaparum.

We cheered several times, with delicious strong black tea and toasted to our journey.

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  1. Hey there! Much cheering from northeast Portland about your safe arrival. I'm very excited to read about your continued adventures and, of course, all the lovely food! It's inspiring. Miss you at West Hills!