I have done it!

(image from Pietopiapiecontest.blogspot.com)

One of my dreams has come true -- yes: marrying the man of my dreams, yes: moving to India in 2 weeks, yes: becoming a teacher, and now Hallelujah: I am a winner in a pie contest. This is probably my greatest achievement, my crowning glory -- I'm not much of a bragger, but entering and winning in the Portland Pietopia Pie Contest has really put a swagger in my step and a smile on my face. Hooray! As part of the prize, a local artist has turned my pie musings and idea into a hand-silk screened beautiful poster.

Myself and the 3 other winners and all their pie stories can be found here -- Pietopia Pie Contest

And we will be sampling our winning pies, chatting and no doubt, whoot and hollering at the Farmer's Market
this Thursday, August 20th, Eastbank Farmers Market--SE 20th and Salmon -- Tasting starts at 3:30 until the Pies run out --

Come and taste my Pie: For the Love of a Mango.

You can check out my original winning entry here: Mango Pie



  1. That is so exciting, congrats! I'll have to try and stop by for the tasting.

  2. so exciting! congrats, it feels so good to win things. enjoy the weekend of sampling!

  3. whohoo girl! yay!
    see you Thursday!

  4. AWESOME LEEEEE! you're my hero, and pie princess!
    <3 Lisa D