Colors in Panjim

(a few of the countless, beautiful exteriors of the buildings here... * click on photo to enlarge)

Panaji, locally called by its old name “Panjim,” is a city of pastels, sweets, old men speaking Portuguese and “scooties” (mopeds and scooters). We have been savoring our Unesco-Heritage protected neighborhood of Fontainhas, full of Portuguese architecture and stray dogs. The most striking aspect of the city is the use of color – every door, archway, staircase, window and trim is painted a vibrant shade. Even the street lights are colored here – at the temples-- neon pink, green and yellow are used to illuminate the buildings – who needs regular fluorescents when you can create new and surreal shades, rivaling the beauty of the moonlight?

(sweets made from dried fruits and covered in silver and gold leaf)

("dahi veda" is a lentil-flour doughnut in a pool of sweet yogurt with a smattering of fiery-rice crispies on top -- this is one of my favorite breakfast dishes here, served in Kataan Hotel -- our favorite AC restaurant by the park.)

(a big mirrored Ganesh -- Oh man!-- and the red phones that appear every few street corners.)

(Our hotel is right next door to this girls school, where I peeked through the fence to their cheer-leading PE session -- this scene was as loud as a flock of pigeons at dusk.)

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