Old Goa

It’s hard to believe Old Goa and Lisbon were once equally bustling, cultural cities. Formerly the capital for 16-17th century Portuguese-occupied India, Old Goa is now a main drag with amazing churches and a few mossy ruins – and a bunch of professional harassers selling chess pieces, ice creams, Jesus figurines and flower garlands.

We pulled in to Church Alley, (as I liked to think of it )– and listened in for a Sunday Mass in Konkani (local language of Goa) and admired the huge open space of a few large churches. I love the way the Christians here incorporate the Hindu/Indian love for flowers and decoration in their rituals – the Saints are dripping in chrysanthamums, incense and candles.

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  1. There is a great catholic church in Mandalay....also incorporating buddhism. And the synagogue in Cochi bears little resemblance to Beverly Hills. Maybe the only thing they have in common is a proximity to Chinese Restaurants? Now you will be heading toward French influenced Pondi? Seems like India is a massive canvas for cultures to put on their religious and culinary marks?