Journey with Xavier

(the view from the Portuguese look-out at the sea, and D and I at the top of the bluffs -- SERENITY NOW!!)

New friendship is powerful stuff – like new love, a new dress, a perfect new flavor – it is the freshness and the surprise of connecting with a fast friend that is so magical. This wonderful, exuberant and easy-going feeling was found yesterday in a beautiful, huge-hearted Goan fellow, Xavier. Or “Xavy” as we were calling him by the end of the day…

We met for a coffee and within a few minutes, our darling friend had a day mapped out for us == first to “my spot” over-looking the Arabian Sea, then to a few Portuguese homes that we can explore, some lunch, some beers and because Dave likes to paint, we will paint on tiles with Portuguese paints, amongst trained artists. Okay! And we were off… for the Goa “program.”

(the view from "my spot.")

“My spot” was a rocky cliff, with the most expansive view of the Sea, the cliffs dotted with the ruins of Portuguese Fort. We admired the majestic site, and Dave convinced us all to hike down to the bottom of the big hill, where the waves met the rocks. Hiking in sandals and my sweet blue dress was an experience – but with the help of my D and the strong hand Xavier lent me, I made it down fine. D was busy finding crabs – one was still in a pool of water, Xavy explained the crustacean’s relaxed state was due to the date – a Saturday – “he’s on holiday.” We felt the wind, the sea, the laughter, the pure beauty and vitality in the air – it was the most remarkable feeling. Xavy told us to “take some snaps,” so we photographed all the while.

(Xavy and I check out the sea and the crabs.)

(the three window views from inside the fort tower -- look out for pirates!)

The Portuguese homes were airy, lofty, perfectly restored and sold especially chic and simple home items. We wandered, admired and took in the shady nooks and crannies of each veranda and giant pillow. I was inspired to decorate my home in a mixture of 17th century Dutch/Portuguese dark wood furniture with accents of tribal, brightly colored Indian blankets. Go on! Sure beats our thrift store stuff.

When we stopped for lunch, we had to “order some beers, come on!” by Xavy and his pal… Lunch was a 2-hour ridiculous feast and conversation. Politics, food, travel, and relationships – every topic was on the table…

Lastly to the tile shop – D painted the scene from the beach in a sensuous ultra-marine blue and I, a Babaar-esque fat elephant. Xavy djayed and blasted “Leyla” by Eric Clapton in my honor.

The ridiculous fun of this day cannot be captured in words or photos – it was a day of days – we are so lucky to be apart of this place, and meet the most generous friends.

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