The Cure-All

I was feeling a little blue, a bit far away and just a general malaise… too much time siesta-ing, not enough productivity the other day… Then we took a walk down sad lane and started to list all the things we missed about home – we stopped dead in our tracks at the first thing we thought of: MEXICAN FOOD. We don’t need to think of the unattainable – we could make a Mexican dinner that night! And so we did. With a little bit of improv, and a lot of fresh salsa – the rotis even resembled whole-wheat tortillas. We stuffed ourselves silly, unable to stop with the refried beans and coleslaw and general euphoria at the event. The only problem was that I cut the chili and gutted it with my fingers – leading to a fire on my hands the entire evening. A small price to pay for such a meal though.

Such a simple recipe – but useful when craving home

5 roma tomatoes, medium diced
1 green chili, thin slice – watch your hands!
1 red onion, medium diced
chopped cilantro to taste
salt and pepper
the juice of one fresh lime.

Assemble in a big bowl and let flavors mingle about an hour (if you can wait!) before serving.

Mexican food cures all ailments


  1. Mexican food is what Tom and I always crave when we're out of the country. That and In N Out. But Mexican, yeah, we hit Avila's El Ranchito the second we get off the tarmac.

  2. I would miss Mexican Food too! I love reading about your travels...keep the posts coming. India has promptly moved up to the top of my travel wish list. What an amazing adventure you two are having. Portland misses you!


  3. that sounds like the you ever read their blog?

  4. Good call Andrew, this sounds just like us. We do miss mexican food, it's amazing what a little can of refried beans can do! Love the blog Leela!