Campal Park with Oon, Buddha and Singers

(a little triptic of the park)

A little up the road, along the river, lies a sweet park – It has a run-down amusement park feel, with fountains that aren’t on, a moat that’s in dire need for a cleaning, painted rocks and a veg food court (we ordered a Thai curry that was tasty, but was Indian in flavor, all the way) . . . We spent some time reading, drawing and journaling on the bench there – and to our delight, there was a group of about 30 men and women singing Christian hymns, gathered round a statue of Buddha (who was adorned in flowers and candles.) It is this mixture of beliefs and religions and customs that makes India so fascinating! So we listened, chatted, snacked on kajus (cashews), explored and listened some more. After their lovely songs, there was a very brief sermon and then they all chowed down on rice and lentils. That’s my kind of Sunday worship . . .

Mantra for the day:
Buddha likes chrysanthemums, songs of any denomination and lentils.

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  1. How do you spell chrysanthemum?

    Man you are good.

    Just made corn succotash with braised scallops and a leek, shallot, sweet potato, cream sauce...and grilled asparagus.....for a candle light dinner for Mom. She had to teach too classes today and was beat. I spent the day editing my pictures and needed a few hours in the kitchen. Thinking of you guys......MMMMWAHHHH!