India IS great.

We have found an apartment and we're setting up shop for a few months. After 5 weeks of travel, I'm so happy to cool my heels in a romantic, jungly, paradise by the sea and river. I went for a walk this morning, just me and my little ipod, and I almost totally lost my mind with how gorgeous this place is, friendly the people are and how comfortable our living situation is. Hello, we have wifi! No more closets with an IBM from 1993 and mosquitoes galore, posing as internet cafes...

Panaji, or "Panjim," as nearly everyone calls it, is not where we planned on staying, but nothing about our trip has so far gone as planned. I'm starting to believe the expression, "man plans, God laughs." We have a blue kitchen with a little robin's egg-colored fridge! I christened the kitchen with a simple stir fry and cocktails last night. Then today, D made me breakfast -- veggies, toasted portuguese bread and scrambled eggies, as I chatted merrily on skype. It just cannot get any better!

There's a lot to explore in Panjim as well as the surrounding area -- beaches, churches, crumbling Portuguese mansions, chaat cafes (snack/tapas-style eateries everyone suppers at here), movie theaters, libraries, tailors, markets, volunteer opportunities ... It really has it all.

Tomorrow I'm:
-Looking for a bicycle
-Seeing a movie at the theater where you reserve a seat, like at a play
-Perhaps making crepes for breakfast, on my little two burner camping stove, if I can find white flour at the shop down our street -- so far I've seen every other flour, except plain/all-purpose
-Waking up early for another river walk
-Hanging laundry on our balcony
-Maybe even putting on a stitch of make-up after looking haggard all month long


Send me an email if you'd like our home address here to send love letters or fan mail, yes please!


  1. We want your address! We added you to our Skype list, too, so if you see us on, feel free. Tom has another account he uses just at school. If you search under Tom Dowling Costa Mesa it should come up.
    What's the time difference there?

    Hope you guys are well. We are having such a great time following the blog.
    Lisa and Tom

  2. Sounds like you guys are having such a magical time. Reading your blog definitely reaffirms that I simply MUST visit India. And soon!

    Keep 'em coming!