Lentil Donuts for Life

Everyday, we eat some version of these two items – the yellow item is a lentil flour donut, fresh from the fryer and the other snack is a lentil/onion fritter, usually spiced with mustard seeds, garlic, curry leaves and fennel seeds. The snacks vary slightly from place to place, but are always available on the street, most are served hot and, of course, nearly everything is vegetarian. These fried goodies sit next to samosas and cookies in jars that look about 100 years old. The girl who, at home, eat fruits and carrots as a pick-me up is a little reluctant about these snacks, but the french-fry and pastry connoisseur in me is anxious to try all manner of delicious fried foods. I hope I still have some nutrition left in me from all the salads I ate in Portland.

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