After hinting at the powers of lime on papaya yesterday, I had to feature it today. I'm going to make a bold statement here -- everything is better with lime juice. Well, that's a biggy, but I'd say it's pretty much true. They love lime juice in India -- it's in soda, on fruits, lentils, dosas. It is an awesome compliment to sweets and savories. I love the lime guy at the market too - he's about 10 years old and gives me a grin when we have the same interaction every few days -- I ask for 4 limes and he throws in 1 extra, making a big fuss about his generosity and I thank him profusely. 5 limes costs 20 rupees, and a little squeeze brightens just about any meal.


  1. I'd have to agree with you about the lime--Mexicans also think the exact same thing! The lime is so refreshing and rounds out a palate of flavors, even heightening or putting others in their place on the taste scale.

  2. Tricia is so right we mexicans love limes! try papaya with honey and lime is the best breakfast you can have when there is hot weather !