I must admit, guavas are the fruit I'm least familiar with in India. I see people snacking on them in trains and selling them in markets, but I have yet to hear their swan song. Perhaps because growing up, my parents had a hot tub situated right underneath an abundant pineapple guava tree -- with perfumey flowers with very sweet nectar and tender, sexy, small-seeded fruits. The combination made for a divine afternoon, eating guavas in the jacuzzi with my girl friends. Here, the guavas have harder seeds and not as much flavor. They really shine however, in jam form, served here with toast and in other confections. With all that said, I'm still searching for a perfect fruit and feel I just haven't met my match quite yet. A couple of guavas costs about 5 rupees.

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  1. I've had guavas in Hawaii, and I didn't seem to like them that much because of how hard they were... but they smell good