Pineapples here are so sweet, they almost make me change my mind about dessert. Almost always, my feelings on a confection are simple -- if it's not chocolatey, it's not worth eating. My faith in this credo bends in two circumstances -- my Dad's famous pumpkin chiffon pie (it is unreal) and peach/cherry/blackberry pies. Now I have a new amendment: the perfect slice of pineapple. Served on a nice plate, with a knife and fork, the pineapple is elevated to fine dining dessert. And you can get away with that here, even enjoy it (stay with me chocolate fans) because this fruit is so loaded with sugar and dripping with juice, it is the most pineappley tasting pineapple I've ever come across. Sure there can be bruised and imperfect (as seen in photo), but that's part of their real-ness and honesty. Fruit is imperfect and they don't try to sell it to you that way over here, and I love that. For one big ole pineapple, it'll cost you about 20 rupees. That is a deal and a yummy fruit I will forever be thankful for.


  1. a reclining pineapple! brilliant! like a reclining buddha...ahhhhhh. we had the most delicious one just yesterday. love this series. cr

  2. roasted pineapple with chocolate drizzled ontop.... bliss!