There's been a whole lot of this game for us the past few days -- It's raining and cold in Hue. We are a bit tired from life on the road . . . Not all days are fun and spectacular. I'm always grateful to have my crazy travel buddy, D, though. Trouble is, lately he's been whoopin' me at Dominoes--I'm going to have to retaliate later on today over a cup of '3 in 1' coffee (strangely delicious coffee/hot cocoa-like substance with sugar and creamer included in the concoction). What do you do to fend off the blues when traveling?


  1. sometimes it's the simple things: finding an english bookstore, skyping peeps at home, eating "american" food, or getting away to a familiar locale (beach or trees) so that i can lose myself in nature.

    but I know how it gets after that many weeks: it's exhausting. you just want interactions to be easier, life to be simpler, and some comforting things, liek ketchup.

    hang in there!

  2. i like to buy chess sets for 4 - 5 times their value :)


  3. Where oh where is this fabulous fabric from?!?