(the panzaretto rests in my lap)

(the diverse line to Luini's)

(the preferred seating area)

(panzaretti cuddling)

(the lunch hour gets going-- i love the red pants, red flats, gray coat ensemble)

When Luini combined the yeasty fluffy pillow-like qualities of a donut with the traditions of a margherita pizza, a miraculous lovechild was born: the pomodoro panzaretto. Pomodoro is the classic flavor -- a sinful combination of fresh mozarella cheese and simple tomato sauce. Originally hailing from Naples, the Luini family have brought the panzaretto to the people of Milano. Thankfully, we have been in Milan for the past few days . . .
You see, life will never be the same after consuming this, the zenith of all street foods. The panzaretto, a perfect synthesis of flavors: slight sweetness (the dough) and savory (sauces and cheese), texture -- soft on the inside, shattering flakiness on the outside and temperature -- piping hot.

It's a freakin' miracle dressed as a hot pocket.

It is also the great economic equalizer -- the stomach knows no class divisions, and this little baby has EVERYONE lined up to get in... fashion queens, teenagers, tourists, suits, fancy people, familes. There's nowhere to sit, except a nearby curb, so most devotees eat whilst standing, or on the go.

I don't think i've ever eaten anything as calorie dense or blissful. The panzaretti are just right when you find yourself wandering around a new city and suddenly become delirious with hunger... we followed our noses and the longest line around the Duomo-- with a hunch and a prayer that something good was happening . . . we were mistaken -- we stumbled into a slice of pure sexiness. The panzaretto more than hit the spot, it was downright sensual. D had to hold my arm to keep me moving away from Luini's, so I wouldn't order 5 more. Thank you Luini!!!

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  1. My mouth is ACTUALLY watering! Ahhhhhh Italia