(the mall)

(Duomo bliss)

(view from the Duomo)

(La Scala Theater Museum)

Among the many wonders in the city of Milan, the one that sticks out the most is the impeccable style that everyone, and I mean everyone, exhibits. There are many different types of looks . . . And it seems no matter who you are, or what age, you are definitely rocking some type of fashion pretty hard. Whether it be the young ladies in the leggings, platforms, false eyelashes and fur boleros (accessories: pouty lips and pal) or the over 40-man crowd in fitted trousers, a nice sweater, over a button down on a chic black bicycle. My favorite style inspiration however was being fashioned by ladies over 60 -- most of them were sporting black tights, 2-inch sensible (yet sexy) black heels, a pencil skirt, quilted coat, perfectly coiffed hair-do, large shades, scarf, winning smile and a walk that says "i know where I'm going." These ladies walked the main streets in groups of threes and fours . . . always giggling and giving each other knowing looks.

The Duomo in Milan was also something to behold -- we caught the sunshine up there and relaxed with the angels for over an hour . . . Pretty grand. The people of Milan seem so be almost as crazy about religion as they are about their fashions. With the most beautiful mall on Earth right next door to the Duomo (cathedral), there may have been more folks worshipping plush stuff than the man upstairs. We worshipped at the shrines of both sects!

I found it fun to contrast the US and MILAN's sense of things -- here's a list:

Milan -- US
cashmere -- fleece
kitten heel clunky -- white tennies
jimmy choo 4-in boots -- flats
fedora, beret or blow-dried hair -- baseball cap
skin-tight jeans -- mom jeans
gelato -- non-fat frozen yogurt
nutella crepes -- peanut-butter sandwiches
cheap bike rentals -- driving in your car
Duomo insanity -- church with locked doors


  1. get me those GLOVES! in fuschia of course.
    what fun! i long for italy, and am jealous of your leisurely pace. <3

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