Is there anywhere else on Earth that serves rich, earthy hot chocolate out of a machine? The most sublime Basilica, San Marco in Venice, boasts golden mosaics, wild untamed horses, beauty beyond beauty . . . and a security guard who went crazy at Dave for wandering into a confessional area ("RESPETO, NO RESPETO!! LOOK, R-E-S-P-E-T-O!"). It wouldn't be Italy without being yelled at, a sport for us at this point. We've got nothing on my Pops, however, who was beaten by an Italian monk with a cane for photographing an alter on his last visit here.


  1. Oh, the "respeto" yell. I know it well. I especially love it coming from scantily clad italian women dressed in fendi kneeling with bare legs and open toed sandals on a basilica floor while i take some innocuous photo of the altar. i especially love it coupled with the "hiss". classic italian.