I have a major addiction to buying spoons in every country we travel to . . . It's all that tea, hot chocolate and coffee that I like to drink; I love having something specific and special to swirl the beverage. Preferably just the right amount of sugar (just a teaspoon, no more, no less!)

So you can imagine when I stumbled on this vendor, outside of the Spice Bazaar. So many spoons, so little time! I managed to resist his wares, as I had just bought a really earthy and hearty set of hand-carved wooden spoons to use for soup and oats (ay, grog!) I can't wait to try mine out . . . there's something about eating out of a wooden spoon that greatly intrigues me, I've never done it before. Of course, I HAVE "cleaned up" (licked) plenty a large wooden spoon of any sauces or cake mixes before . . . So I'll be curious to how a properly sized version holds up and how the wood/texture affects the eating experience.

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  1. I envy you so much!!! sounds like you have a new adventure every day!!! love your blog!!