(the classic -- garlic with cream cheese)

(bird's eye view of delicious NY breakfast)

(the naughty peanut-butter and jelly situation)

As I said before, being back in the US is magical -- a significant portion of said magic can be attributed to waking up and putting a New York bagel into the toaster. I like mine toasted well, bordering on charred . . . and, my father will roll his eyes at my complete goyisha/traif shmear of choice, peanut butter and a little jam. Hey, I'm half Southern gentile thanks to my fab Mom, who once ordered a ham and cheese sandwich at a kosher deli. She's always been a rebel! I know this peanut butter issue is vile absurdity to my Pops, but D, my better half, is a fan of the classic cream cheese. Any way you slice the ginormous, starchy, comfort bomb and any spread you choose--it's all good in my book. The bagels were purchased from Murray's Bagels, a NY institution I always indulge in.

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