(that thrilling Manhattan skyline, as seen from the study in my Aunt and Uncle's apartment)

(Dave at a Janet Cardiff-- one of my favorite artists ever-- show in Chelsea, earlier today

We have arrived Stateside -- NYC -- and man, does it feel good. Really good. More to come on that feeling soon. There are so many wonderful little things about being back in the US, here's just a few:

- knowing what button to push on the elevator
- speaking English with everyone
- reading trashy magazines in the drugstore
- the variety of cereals in the grocery aisles
- visiting with all my cousins and their new babies
- knowing my 'spots' in the city (having lived here while going to art school)
- turning on the TV and watching the Food Network

I'll be posting more on the nature of our long-term travel as well as our New York visit soon.
For now, it is awesome to be in a place that I know and love, that said -- this city is always changing and evolving (and staying the same) -- but if you have any must-do recommendations, I'm open!


  1. Welcome back, dears! We've missed you somethin' terrible :)