(a cherry pie at rest is a beautiful thing)

(my first lattice crust -- pretty cute!)

Last summer I thought being a winner of a pie contest was awesome, this year I'm on the panel of judges for PIETOPIA, one of the coolest Portland events. I am so honored and excited to be on the other side of the recipe. The creator of the contest, Tricia Martin, is a dear friend whom I've mentioned quite a few times here on the blog. She's an inspired eater, cook, nutritional consultant and pie contest maven. How's that for a resume . . . amazing.

I just wanted to let you know about all the details, the contest has gotten much bigger and has changed a bit in format, but the basics are the same -- a creative food literature endeavor as much as a great tasting pie. Here's the PIETOPIA link.

Hurry up and get your entry going!

I did a warm up pie this weekend, a cherry lattice (very betty crocker) -- which I didn't quite cook long enough, so the crust was a little doughy, but it was still tasty. I recommend the leftovers for breakfast.

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  1. I'm coming over in the morning to steal a slice of this pie! Looks fantastic!! And thank you so much for the Pietopia shout outs!! xoxoxoxo