(oatmeal tastes best in your bathrobe)

(ingredients sit on my new cutting board)

(the flavors melding together)

(little Vietnamese spoon with flax)

The first bowl of oats in our new place was one of the best I've had all year -- topped with toasted brazil nuts, ground flax, diced kiwi, agave nectar, cooked in vanilla soymilk, with loads of cinnamon, vanilla and diced banana -- it nearly blasted me off the couch with all the good flavors and textures. Last night, D modified our cabinet, installing a big wooden chop block, and we've tripled our previously non-existent counter space. I'm so happy in there now! The kitchen is petite, yet has good flow, due to the serious changes made by my sweetheart. A good investment for his (and my) tummy.

Also, I had to hold myself back from blitzing everything in the fridge in the new food processor -- but tried salsa (too blended this go round, will keep in chunkier next time) and pie dough. I'm anxious to taste and feel the difference in the pie dough, versus my usual kitchen aid or by-hand technique. It is a world of convenience and speed compared to my little honey bear paws and the ensuing pie dough removal (licking my fingers to my heart's content!).

I digress --

I highly recommend this combo in your next oat foray -- tropical, healthy, hearty and rich. A happy Saturday morning to you all!


  1. I love the pix with the bunny shoes...well, not real bunnies! and honey paws...i have to go make a pie crust! CR

  2. i had oatmeal with golden raisins, almonds, and cream today to soothe my angry belly. Your version look better.