After careful deliberation on brand, size and model -- as well as budget negotiations, I bought the single-most lusted after item in my entire kitchen -- The custom pro 11-cup Cuisinart food processor. Another
haggard day of moving, shuffling, installing and cleaning in our new place left me weary and semi-delirious on my one 'fun' outing for the day. Armed with a 3 year-old Macy's gift card, I went in search of the holy grail of kitchen appliances. Lo and behold, my coveted model was on sale!

Done and done.

I cannot wait to have breadcrumbs, pesto, coleslaw, hummus, cashew cream and pie dough at my finger tips with my new and gorgeous contraption. This is a very exciting day indeed. The thing even came with an informative dvd, which I watched in a daze at 11:30 pm, post-11th hour of shuffling all of our stuff into appropriate piles and vessels. The man said, "and then I use the on and off" as he pulsed his guacamole, so many times, it got me so excited!

What shall I make first?


  1. I looooooved my food processor, so sad to have to part with it. I also really loved my immersion blender so much more than I thought I would.