(our amazing setting in Clara's beautiful kitchen)

(hand-picked chicken eggs from the farmers market, our host picks her eggs based on their pretty color and nice shape)

(morels and shitakes cooking separately, awaiting to join in the potato/kale hash)

(breakfast is served, along side superb Stumptown coffee -- the best!)

D and I have been so so fortunate to call upon our friends for some meals, in between fixing up our apartment from scratch. I swear, moving creates a hunger that is desperate and lethal -- the kind of thing where you realize you've eaten nothing but slices of peanut butter toast all day and only a too-big burrito will quell the belly pangs. Then you eat it and fall into the burrito coma . . . So, when Clara invited us over for breakfast, I knew it would be just the thing to break up our house-readying dementia. Not only is Clara a stand-out stellar cook, she's a breakfast fiend. This girl has breakfast on the mind, phone, facebook -- she's pretty much the authority on breakfast of late. Of course I love her for all the fun and intelligence she brings with her, but her cooking and eating skills just pushed me over the edge. THANK YOU CLARA!!

What did this lady cook up? Just a little banana bread (divine, chock full of butter), potato/kale/mushroom/onion/garlic has with a perfectly soft-boiled egg atop, served with fresh avocado, a little cheddar cheese and plenty of hot coffee . . . This meal inspired me to prepare roasted potatoes, onion and kale breakfasts all week -- the result? I feel like superwoman while I power through domestic projects. My hash is almost, not quite, as good as Clara's though.

Do you have a go-to savory breakfast that fills you with super-human strength? If so, leave a comment -- I'm expanding my repertoire as my kitchen comes together (it's almost done, thank goodness).


  1. An honor to have you both in my home. Looking forward to more! And Lee - you have to know, my ritualistic making of breakfasts and posting to share all comes from the inspiration I find in you and your blog. Hearts to you and Dave.

  2. i've been powering up for my weekend adventures with a more substantial take on eggs and toast, where the egg is poached in the middle of delicious tender greens. super fast, easy and pretty!

    saute a clove or two of garlic (chopped fine) in a glug of olive oil along with a generous pinch of turkish red pepper flakes until fragrant. then add a big bunch of sliced chard leaves and wilt until almost done. scrape the chard together to form a little mound and carve out a well in the middle. carefully crack a fancy farmer's market egg in the well, cover, and turn down the heat to medium-low for 3-4 minutes, depending on how runny you like your yolks. uncover, add salt, pepper, maybe a few fresh oregano leaves and a dash of red wine vinegar, and serve with toast. yum!

  3. drooling.all.over. must eat this!