(our fabulous exit in the big caddy)

(my parents' wedding on July 4, 1971 -- they had cheesecake!)

Last year, at this moment (7:30 am), I was plucking flowers from the garden of my parents' house -- the garden I grew up in doing things like making mud pies, searching for snails, messy day parties, dance routines to Janet Jackson songs and watching out for baby skunks when they came around. It was a wonderful feeling to create a bouquet for one of the biggest days of my life, with plants from a place that had so nurtured me. Being married is the tops! D and I share our wedding date with my parents, darlings who are celebrating their 39th anniversary. I hope for the longevity and happiness that they've shared all those years.

Cheers to you Mom and Dad

and to you too, Dave!

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  1. Happy First Anniversary darlings....
    and what a first year it was! I wish you many many more years of happiness, health and prosperity.
    I love you both....Genevieve