After reading all the Pietopia entries, of which there were many wonderful stories, I just had to have a little pie all to myself. I baked us each an individual strawberry pie (although "individual" is a dainty term, these puppies were very large for one person) and we indulged in them, whilst watching Snow White. A more charmed evening couldn't be had -- although, I stayed full for the next 15 hours -- which never happens to me and my belly. I guess it was all that butter?

Is that so wrong? Do ladies eat big pies for dinner while watching cartoons?

To be honest, I'm honing my pie crust recipe, so I'm still working on that . . . Will post when perfection is achieved!


  1. i grew up by howetts in palo alto where they made individual pies i always had chocolate cream as a kid

    also donuts on sat morning (3) while my mom was at the beauty school getting her hair done for the week

    but no wish i did not like cartoons shirley temple features yes the little princess yes

  2. shouldn't it be an poison apple pie for snow white?

  3. Heck yes ladies eat pies for dinner while watching cartoons--sounds a little bit like heaven!! xo