(le man of the hour)

(the lady who feeds him)

(veggie dog with house made ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauce and Dick's signage)

(grubbin hard!)

Dave had a very successful opening at the Stumptown on Belmont -- if you are in the neighborhood, the show will be open all month. We had a great time sippin' on fancy coffees, sampling an array of St. Cupcake dots I brought and celebrating D's detailed, beautiful ink paintings. It was fab-oo.

After the fun of the art work, we all went to Dick's Kitchen -- a vegan/meat-eaters diner with mad style and great food. I'd highly recommend the veggie dog and am very curious about their vegan malt shakes made with coconut bliss ice cream. Dick's just opened (in the former Opposable Thumbs spot on Belmont) and is still working out the kinks (not much to work out, in my view). They have funny servers, a great big community table and a LOT of options for all types of eaters. I loved it.

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