These two cuties stop their chewing momentarily to look up at my car, everyday as I pull in to work. They hang out with other goats as well as neighboring black horses -- who are so beautiful and graceful, they pull hard on my heartstrings. It's pretty spectacular to live in a place where moments like these occur on a daily basis. Whether it be the ripest peach, a long phone call to a distant friend, a perfectly twirled curl of hair, watching Cool Hand Luke on an overcast afternoon with my sweetheart, or saying hi to these lovely animals -- there are precious little things everywhere.


  1. This picture is so peaceful and serene to a perfect moment. More and more, seeing pics like these, makes me want to visit the country for a while to experience it for myself.

    Happy to have food your blog via Pret a Voyager. If all goes well in 3 months I'll be headed to India for 1 year and I'm particularly enjoying going through your archives of your time spent there.

  2. I love your fresh perspectives and beautiful outlooks on life--truly an inspiration!