My husby Dave has many a fantasteesh quality -- he's quick to cuddle and goofy as all get out.  I love to make him laugh with my dramatic accents and he has me howling with laughter with his silly dance moves.  

Another thing about him, he's methodical.

It's great to be partnered up with someone who researches, creates a loose understanding (backed by many different folks), then dives in to a task.  He's thorough.  

So it doesn't surprise me when he hones in on the world's best scrambled egg method.  He cooks the curds low and slow, with a dash of whole milk and plenty of salt flakes and freshly ground pepper.  The preparation of the egg is one of D's main culinary outlets.  For a while, we had the 'egg pan,' a fancy number reserved solely for cooking eggs.  We used to use only Irish butter when cooking the eggs -- he used to cook them faster. . . now, he's slowed things down.

After tucking into these luscious curds -- the words 5 star hotel and buttery and decadent all came to mind -- we were both surprised -- Why hadn't we been doing it in this fashion all along?!  

So tender, so soft -- so everything an egg should be.

Next time you're stirring the world's simplest protein over the stove, turn the heat down, take your time.  D would be proud and you will be in for a gorgeous breakfast.


  1. I love egggggs! Bought a dozen after the coffee date this morning and already consumed half of them. Some scrambled, some fried.

  2. Hi Leela
    I totally agree with your suggestion to slowly cook your scrambled eggs. I happened upon a recipe recently that suggested cooking them in a saucepan over another pan of boiling hot water ensuring the pan containing the eggs never touches the water - divine! Slow, low heat whilst gently stirring seems to be the trick to creamy, lush scrambled eggs.
    Could you share with me what Irish Butter is? I live in Australia and have never heard of it. I would tend to use full cream or butter in mine.

  3. Leela,
    Just curious, as someone who is involved in the food industry, what is your take on using pasteurized eggs? I have been using them for a few years now for all my egg-based recipes. I cook a lot and I mean I am concerned with all the recalls and salmonella outbreaks. And with the current food safety bill situation -we don't even know if the gov't can fund it. I love eggs, similiar to your other posters. I mix raw eggs with my protein drinks and eat them for breakfast. I was just curious.


  4. hi there Kellesi,

    The delish butter I am referring to is Kerrygold Irish butter. It is absolutely dreamy. So full of flavor! I wonder if you have it in Australia?

  5. healthy foodie,

    not sure about pasteurized vs. unpasteurized eggs per se -- I try to buy locally-grown, organic, fresh farm eggs as much as I can, but the farmer's markets are closed until march... and the chickens aren't laying right now. So, I buy as local as possible and hope for the best.

    Makes such a difference doesn't it, the fresh, pure egg?!