Le big sigh.

After getting another year older, it's just impossible not to reflect back on the one that just passed.  There are fabulous milestones going on, all around me -- a baby for many good friends -- the marriage of my brother and his gorgeous fiance . . . Life appears to be swirling, like a pile of shaken leaves, gently floating to the ground.

I find myself cooking, writing and photographing for real now.  And as much as I'm challenged and crazed trying to juggle the time, inside, the little voice who's real and strong tells me this is it.  This thing you've got going, Lee, it's got legs -- now work harder!  Strategize.  Plan.  Improve.  

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with my friend, Shelby, a very talented photographer and writer herself. I'm featuring her on the Kitchn this week.  We both cooked and photographed her muesli recipe.  It was amazing to shoot the same things, and see it through each other's lens.  So different from my own.  So inspiring.  I also loved the details of our little home that she captured.  And after a lot of time being behind the camera, kinda neat to see me doing my thing.


  1. i just saw your tabletop lightbox and said to myself DAMN that's how she gets her light so even. i don't have a directly unlit window in my whole house. now i nnnnneeeeeeddddd to build myself a lightbox.